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If you want to learn more, discover the story of Zizania Aquatica. A nutritious, but forgotten cereal.


Technically no. Zizania Aquatica is an herbaceous, aquatic, and annual plant belonging to the family Poaceae. Therefore, despite resembling rice, it is not!

Zizania Aquatica is very rich in protein and fiber. Compared to white rice, it contains 100% more protein and 300% more fiber. Additionally, it has a low glycemic index. At Rebel Grains, we like to think of it as the rice of the future!

Zizania Aquatica has a high satiating power. For this reason, the recommended dose is 50g; unlike rice, for which it is 80g. An advantage for your lines!

The term "plant-based" refers to foods that are completely free of any animal-based ingredients.

A reduction in the consumption of animal-based foods benefits both our health and that of our planet. In our own small way, we at Rebel Grains do our best to offer new, strictly plant-based products that are rich in nutrients and have a unique taste.

"This is about rice" is an exclusive blend of Zizania Aquatica and whole grain Arborio rice grown in Italy.

Our grains are all grown in Europe. Zizania Aquatica is a native grain of the Great American Lakes and there is currently the first cultivation experiment taking place in Europe. Our Carnaroli Rice is grown in the rice fields of Pavia, just a stone's throw from Milan.

Our Zizania Aquatica cooks in 25 minutes in boiling water. Additionally, for the version in the mix with whole grain rice, we have selected a variety of Carnaroli with the same cooking time. So, don't worry, always 25 minutes of cooking time for the mix as well.

Yes! To cook your rebellious risotto, we recommend using "this is about rice/Rio Arborio e Zizania Aquatica ", a mixture of Arborio rice and Zizania Aquatica. Compared to traditional risotto preparation, just be careful NOT to ADD SALT to the broth. Zizania is very flavorful and adds taste even without the addition of salt; a health benefit for you!

Rebel Grains is a young but innovative company with a strong desire to grow. Currently, we are present with the two type of grains described on our website. However, don't worry, big news is coming soon! Always plant-based and with rebellious grains at heart!

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